Ecoplaza’s holistic vision

How integrated models can turn a crisis into an opportunity and create new leisure, environment and social action spaces.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”  Marcel Proust


  1. […] Ecoplazas are purely logistical and a new way of identifying and sharing skills, investment and goodwill. They are natural disaster response centres and schools of climate change adaptation for and run by the community.  They are non-political and their objective is to facilitate local cooperation that can derive benefit to all across all political spheres. They are entertainment and leisure orientated and their introduction would be the single most significant advancement for decades in fostering self-help for all. They are established to regenerate land and community, increase employment and provide support for the third sector. Through various mechanisms they also facilitate a way for the second sector to be able to interact and assist in the improvement of local areas in a highly cost effective way. Ecoplazas as a concept are particularly important for an aging population and a young population that is not connected to opportunities and a social infrastructure. Ecoplazas enable local areas to align with international environment protection goals.   […]


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