About earthvoice

brings some of the most advanced findings in the field of sustainable development and practical solution methodologies to help tackle climate change and to effectively lead in times of climate emergency.

Our work brings contemporary visions of a more sustainable lifestyle model adapted to the needs of the today’s world.

   The findings of many schemes were based entirely upon many people’s work: that of our friends, colleagues, volunteers and community group that frequently self-funded their work and this dates back to 1991. Our social enterprise consultancy, Atlantis Consultancy produced the document, called Ecological Transport Network, ETN – Integrated Transport System.

   To obtain and develop these findings required fourteen years of charity, social enterprise and business experience, coupled with interdisciplinary research and was over one year’s work in the production of the film, “Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis”.   ETN documents, articles, the book “A Big Strategy” and this blog are all attempts to consolidate this work.  Since its introduction we have seen ongoing benefits, changes, adaptations and setbacks linked to a lack of understanding surrounding this work. Today US progressives have used the concept of social and green infrastructure in their proposals to inspire the most advanced action on climate crisis yet, through the Green New Deal.   Although many concepts have since been instigated by governments or developed into policy, initiatives or just used as slogans in rhetoric, the full formula has yet to be properly presented and established. 

Our fictional film was produced for and screened at the IIED Conference, COP15 in  2009.  The film depicts a new concept of social spaces – we call Action Centres for Community Regeneration. They are one of the 4 concepts (presented in “A Big Strategy“) of the most advanced sustainable development formula for tackling climate change whilst addressing economic and social problems simultaneously and creating the ecologically-inspired leisure age. The concept of green lifestyle centres was featured in numerous magazines.  Solutions introduced in the film were promoted at film festivals in the USA and presented at University College, LA and during a conference held at Berkeley University of California.

The film continues to provide a new narrative presenting frontline solutions to climate change decision makers. Internationally the film Ecoplaza succeeded through promoting an infrastructural-type program (“A Big Strategy“) as part of an answer to socio-environmental issues. We proposed that, if instigated, this could potentially help countries negotiate their individual climate mitigation targets.

A decade later, at Paris Accord this has been adopted as the way forward for countries to reduce their emissions, review their progress and work together under a logistical framework of coherent global action on the issue. Today, after many years of promoting this work internationally, our innovation is talked about in the context of a Green New Deal proposals in the US and even books are written incorporating this new paradigm of thinking, example Naomi Klein’s latest book “On Fire”.  At the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 over 13 million people signed a petition for firm action against climate change. If those 13 million people had also planted five trees each at the same time, within the space of an hour we could have 65 million more trees on the planet. One of the questions that we asked at COP15 was how can the community and environment take on constructive regenerating dynamics?

ETN document proposed a televised series of telethon-style programs, helping the public understand the environmental message that can help a city population save the earth’s resources by enlisting the assistance of the public, celebrities and broadcasters in enhancement of London-based campaigns and also wider international initiatives and projects.  And the result would be many more trees planted and CO2 sequestered. We called this a Carbon Sponge program.

Last September 14th the world registered the first ever climate change telethon that raised €2,4 million, enabling to plant nearly 1 million trees. Sport, art and music celebrities joined together with the TV network, WWF and the Danish Nature Fund to inspire the nationwide fundraising effort for the maximum benefit to everyone. The benefit is both local and international as trees are said to be planted in Denmark and Uganda.

This is a great development and proof that focused collective generosity can bring us together in a shared mission to plant trees by millions, boost progress on climate change and capture our imagination to join in giving together for broader benefit. These types of edutainment events allow us to tap into existing goodwill and focus all incremental actions on climate change locally, like a laser, into a coherent plan or program while also helping mitigate climate change in the southern hemisphere. The next natural progression from this is for this type of event to go viral and its success to be replicated in other countries. To make this viable though, we’re certainly going to require a logistical framework that needs to be designed to guide this process. This could be done with the broad public participation to harness the collective creativity in providing answers, allowing us to move beyond today’s adverse economic conditions.

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