About Kinga Monica

I am a writer, conceptual thinker and ecopreneur with over twenty years of experience in theoretical and practical sustainability. I co-innovated the most advanced integrated model of sustainability introduced in the UK in 2004. Many schemes and initiatives from our Regeneration Programme for London such as free entry to congestion zone for ecological vehicles and Bike-share (later renamed as Boris’s bikes), have since then been instigated in the capital and continue to improve the life of its residents. 

To fund the theoretical testing of concepts within the integrated model of sustainability I established many projects and start-ups.To date I have successfully aligned business practices with the principles and practical application of nature conservation, ecology and sustainability.  My work led to developing and applying practical socio-economic answers to National Parks in South America, South Africa and Asia. Many of my green concepts and strategies were either translated into initiatives, policies or gains by governments, NGOs and small businesses.  In the UK and Spain I initiated my own award-winning green start-ups and trained international volunteers in becoming highly effective generalists in their own fields. I promoted sustainability to non-green hotels and hostel owners in the UK, increasing their environmental credentials, which contributed to winning regional sustainability award by the hostel association members.

It was the insights from this broad green experience and business know-how that led to the development of a practical integrated model of sustainability for cross-sector collaboration. The regeneration model can help nations tackle climate change effectively and lead in times of climate emergency. I continue this work as Earthvoice to help accelerate the climate action work, globally.

Why Earthvoice?

Earthvoice continues the expression of a vision that has already inspired the work of many in the environmental, social and political spheres. 

This work is known as integrated models and new approach to tackling climate change and fostering effective leadership in times of climate emergency.

It is a more sustainable lifestyle model adapted to the needs of the today’s world. The model was developed over many years of charity, social enterprise, business experience and interdisciplinary research. Its conclusions were presented by my green consultancy as Ecological Transport Network, ETN – Integrated Transport System written specifically to help London improve its transport in order to host the 2004 Games.

A Regeneration Programme for London and a template that could be deliberately replicated in any other city around the world was introduced together with transport enhancements proposal. It formed a key part of a framework for tackling climate change that did not exist in 2004. We had to wait till 2015 Paris Accord for the first such legally binding agreement that sets out a framework for a coordinated global action on the issue.

The ETN’s greening template is still today the most advanced one in terms of enabling fast transition into greener and more equitable living in the post fossil-fuels era. Clean energy route is the only route for all nations if we are to keep Earth temperatures within a safe limit of 2 degrees. Given our planet’s increased ecosystem and climate fragility, we require alternative economic, social and environmental models to fulfil the Paris Agreement. 

These concepts were also presented in the book A Big Strategy, articles and public presentations at IUCN World Conservation and COP conferences, film and art festivals and University College, LA and Berkeley University of California. This self-funded work has resulted in successful dissemination and won some notable appraisals. The work’s full potential remains largely unexplored to date despite of nearly 70 concepts being instigated in London alone. I established Earthvoice to unite many disconnected strands of this vast body of innovation. 

To date ETN has led to the creation of numerous green schemes, initiatives and projects in the UK’s capital and beyond. However, it could be applied more widely to help nations respond to climate emergency in the most effective ways possible. The design of the work has, from the onset, factored in the participation of everyone so that the multiple benefits this work creates could be experienced more broadly.  



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