Earthvoice provides the latest findings and inspiration about living and working sustainably. Earthvoice is an online resource envisioned by a group of creatives and is run by me, Kinga Monica. We help support and enhance the work of bold green projects, artisanal businesses and adventurous start-ups which do extraordinary work sustainably, often with few resources. They are propelled by a desire to create a better, more sustainable future and so are we, inspired by these changemakers’ commitment to raising standards. The Internet is a crowded place. That is why we search for compelling stories that ought to be heard and lend them a voice.  

The website is packed with solutions, tools and opportunities to help you make your live more enjoyable and truly sustainable. We offer unique opportunities for you to engage in and support ecopreneurs and ethical brands that are aligned with the needs of the Earth.

Lifestyle enhancement solutions featured on the website make our lives happier and also contribute to the greening and healing of our Planet. With a sense of discovery, we also venture into the world of diverse cultures to explore mysteries of Nature and its healing potential.

A win-win model, which I co-innovated over a decade ago, enables us to realign our interaction with the Earth by giving back for the resources we use and it provides a framework for this work. Our writing gives a special focus to the work of planet-conscious influencers through a range of services and products offered on this website. By choosing our solutions, you are helping to further this work whilst playing an important part in a global shift movement towards more conscious living.  

Communicating sustainability with excellence – we are here to help!

Communicating sustainability is more than vocation, it’s our passion.  We offer bespoke tailor-made writing solutions to help you reach out to your audience and communicate your message clearly and effectively. Our services are for start-ups, NGO’s, established SMEs and everyone who needs to speak the language of sustainability.

We don’t just write high-quality articles, we create up-to-date content that speaks to international audiences and is culturally relevant. All kinds of business models can benefit from our diverse insights: an organic food growing start-up, a microbrewery, a green accommodation provider or rental agency and a luxury holiday resort.

Here is a sample of projects amplified by Earthvoice:

Sustainable projects & start-ups       

Solutions that power green economy

Ecotourism, Hospitality & Catering                    

Conservation models                          

Eco design                             

Learn more about our writing services

We are open to diverse collaborative project proposals from eco-minded individuals and companies in the form of advertorials or sponsored interviews. These are showcased as Features. We also accept articles from guest writers including already published copies, which we feature under Voices.  Learn more how it works.  

If you have a proposal that is showcasing sustainability and eco innovation of an organisation or a company you represent and it is aligned with Earthvoice work, get in touch.      


Benefits of Organic, Cleanest and Truly Raw Coconut Water from young Thai coconuts

How one company cracked the secret of coconut so that we can drink the purest elixir of life Coconut, aptly dubbed the people’s tree of life is a fountain of fibre, healthy fats and protein, essential vitamins and minerals with antioxidant properties. Young coconut water is especially energising and health enhancing as it is full […]

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