Innovation in the fields of sustainability, nature conservation and ecological and healthy lifestyle is the source of my unceasing inspiration and drive. My articles draw upon my know-how as well as business acumen. This synergy that arises from such a deliberate integration of disciplines allows me to produce original content enhanced with multifaceted insights. I hope you can enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them and help me disseminate my work further!

My work to date…

My published work includes A Big Strategy book, documents and articles on new concepts of community regeneration & integrated approach to conservation, ecotourism, micro-finance, social entrepreneurship, business coaching and joined-up-thinking. I regularly penned my freelance articles for a catering column in a Spanish regional newspaper, which also  featured my photo-journalistic work on well-known figures including Monty Roberts, an American horse trainer aka ‘Horse Whisperer’ and his natural horsemanship.

In 2011 I co-founded Centre for Natural Design & Innovation which promoted the cultural and natural heritage of Eastern Almeria, both in Spain and internationally. The Sustainability Kitemark awarded Centre was based at The UNESCO-registered monument, showcasing eco design, green architecture and innovative low-tech solutions. The building is a unique symbiosis of an ancient Moorish and more contemporary Andalusian styles and it was lovingly restored at the estimated cost of 70% less than non-green conversions through incorporating a high volume of recycled materials and green methods adapted to the arid and dessert-like climate. 

I have taught sustainability and practical eco design to diverse projects’ participants, from NGO professionals to university lecturers and students, and skilled and non-skilled volunteers from every continent whilst coordinating the design of eco-solutions and strategies for different groups and organisations.

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